project management

The PM Group Inc. brings the necessary experience and skills to provide clients with efficient and effective task management, delivering:

project management

Projects are led with a strategic approach that balances the uniqueness of client environments and the goal of successful implementation. With a solid discipline in project and process management and a focus on understanding needs, scope definition, timelines, planning and budget management are thoroughly addressed.

Clients benefit from our strong ability to give clear direction and solutions, setting priorities, functional requirements and deliverables to ensure fulfillment of business requirements. A detail and results-oriented approach is supported by concise analysis/documentation through all project phases, from discovery to post-mortem. In addition, clients see internal improvements through the building of relationships across multiple groups, including internal departments, clients and vendors, helping to ensure ongoing commitment, support and buy-in.

Services include:

  • Project scope and definition
  • Plan development
  • Execution
  • Implementation
  • Closing
  • Evaluation

process management

Creating comprehensive and practical process management templates to assist clients in maximizing resources, including:

  • Task review
  • Resource interviews
  • Inter-task dependency evaluation
  • Flow charts
  • Process improvement recommendation