business development

It is important that we work closely with clients in determining the correct business development direction and path that captures firm objects, target audience tolerance and individual’s capabilities. As influencers who uncover important objectives, hidden business opportunities and critical paths resulting in a concise and adaptable approach to market, we clearly identify and define target audiences and sources for growth and increased profile. This is supported by excellence in plan concept, formation, buy-in and implementation.

We offer strategic thinking and an outside-the-box approach combined with an insightful grasp of business issues that consistently produce pragmatic and innovative results. This is further enhanced by our recognized ability to identify and apply connections between disparate groups to strengthen positioning.

The PM Group Inc. delivers:


As part of an established process, we take a comprehensive look at the environment in which your firm operates to evaluate current conditions and opportunities. This includes:

  • Industry review
  • In-house review
  • Competitive analysis
  • Skills assessment

strategic planning

We will work with you as we formulate plans that are practical and include both immediate application and ongoing action items. The range addresses:

  • Team and individual plans
  • Target market definition
  • Initiative and program development
  • Implementation strategy
  • Success measures