In environments where business disruption is normal and change is rapid, The PM Group has a proven track record of ensuring optimal business outcomes and enhanced value for stakeholders are achieved.

Since 1997, we have been providing integrated marketing, communications and project management solutions to the professional services sector. Clients range from large, international organizations to small partnerships and independent start-ups. With a primary focus on the insurance, legal, accounting and financial institution industries, clients benefit from a focused and dedicated approach to all assignments.

From evaluation to implementation, we bring insight and tactical execution that furthers business objectives while taking into consideration organizational variances. An awareness of internal sensitivities and protocols unique to each client are always addressed. With a practical and realistic approach, clients experience an agile approach, shifting to the particular needs and requirements of the engagement.

Assignments vary in scope from overall management with dedicated client resources to hands-on, independent execution – and any combination in between. With the ability adapt and integrate into all levels of an organization, clients experience a seamless approach to achieving a successful outcome.

With immediate impact and sustainability, The PM Group Inc. delivers.  Always.